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What is the difference between Chat GPT and KonProz GPT?

Chat GPT is a Generative AI based language model that can answer questions relating to its generic knowledge pertaining to the world. Its capabilities do not include providing legal advice or accurate information on laws. However, KonProz GPT is a GPT & AI based application that is trained by ex-Big4 & Tier-1 Law Firm professionals with accurate and up to date knowledge on Indian Income Tax & GST Laws. KonProz GPT is capable of providing precise answers to queries on Indian Income Tax & GST Laws with source references.

Is KonProz GPT a paid service?

KonProz GPT is a paid service with freemium subscription models.

Will I be able to get answers related to legal disputes by KonProz GPT?

If you are very particular and clear about the dispute, you will find assistance through KonProz GPT, however it is always advisable to cross check the advice with a Professional. For a better guidance please check out

Are my chats protected at KonProz GPT?

Privacy, security and confidentiality of our users is our paramount priority. However, user data generated during interactions with KonProz GPT may be stored for internal learning and training purposes to help us serve you better.

Can professionals use KonProz GPT for their research?

KonProz GPT is built to assist and aid professionals with research and response to their client queries. Users can register and avail benefits of KonProz GPT.

What if, I do not receive answers that I have requested?

If you do not find an answer to your query or find an answer that is unrelated to your question, you may connect to us via WhatsApp +91 8130719992 or send us an email at We will look into the same as soon as possible.

What is the registration process? Is there a registration fee?

You can easily create an account and register on KonProz GPT using your name, email address and phone number. After phone verification and completion of registration, you can login to KonProz GPT with your registered email address and your login PIN.

Presently, KonProz GPT is in its Beta phase and is free for the first 500 user registrations. However, registration and use for KonProz GPT is a paid service.

Can I use KonProz GPT to generate responses to client queries?

Yes, with the right prompts, you can leverage KonProz GPT to quickly create precise responses to your client’s queries.

Can I check my history or revisit my previous searches on KonProz GPT?

Yes, you can view and continue your past conversations at KonProz GPT.

Can I use KonProz GPT without providing any credentials?

The minimum requirement for using KonProz GPT is a signup, That requires your name, email and your contact number. You cannot use KonProz GPT if you skip this step.